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Tutoring Services

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Teton STEAM provides tutoring services in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. My goal is always to facilitate learning in a manner that leads to both proficiency and self-sufficiency. Along with supporting your student's academics, I focus on encouraging and developing task-management, organizational, communication and self-advocacy skills.


Through Teton STEAM, I am ready to assist you with:

Elementary and Middle School Math

Algebra 1 and 2





College-level Algebra

Elementary and Middle School Science




Environmental Science


Please call (610-207-3891) or email me ( to further discuss your individual tutoring needs and to inquire about my pay structure.


"I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Amanda as a math tutor. I struggled for years grasping mathematical concepts. Amanda was incredibly patient with me and creative in her ability in teaching me how to solve problems. 


Amanda met me where I was at in my learning style. She was flexible in her teaching methods. And it took a lot of creativity to aid me in grasping math. I wouldn’t have stuck with the process if it hadn’t been for her commitment and kindness towards me. 


Eventually, I earned an A in math—something I never thought possible. I definitely owe some of that grade credit to Amanda. 


If you know someone who needs assistance and encouragement with math—Amanda is a wonderful resource!"

- Tamara, College Algebra

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